Why A4 Paper Is Commonly Used Throughout The World?

Why A4 Paper Is Commonly Used Throughout The World?

A4 paper is the standard size of copy paper as established by the International Standards Organization. The paper size is 210×297mm. In Europe and around the world, the A4 is close to the U.S letter size (8.5 × 11 inches), but it is measuring in 8.27 inches × 11.69 inches. A4 paper is utilized for a wide range of documents, such as magazines, books, letters, as well as forms.

Compared to other types and sizes, a4 paper is commonly used. In general, this type of paper has the following uses and functions:

  1. Used in the office environment:

The use and function of  A4 paper are for printing activities in the office environment. This paper is chosen because it has a suitable specification for any printer machine. Also, this size tends to fit because it is not too large, not too small, and not too long. Because of these features, A4 paper is easy to archive even if it is put in a folder or storage folder. No wonder this type of paper is most often used in office environments to print various documents. They are used for multiple purposes, from internal and external letters to notes, daily and monthly reports, etc.

  1. Used in photocopying businesses:

The second purpose and function of A4 size paper are to support the copying operation. So it’s no surprise that your local photocopy company uses this size of HVS or frost paper. The reason itself goes back to the A4 paper letter suitable for all printers and applies to copiers. This company owner will lose customers to prevent the copier from going out of order. In addition to being used as a photocopying medium, most photocopying companies sell in sheet form. This size of paper demand depends on the market near the place of business.

  1. Used for writing activities:

Next, the use of A4 paper is a writing activity. It is held by students, university students, and the general public. The reason is that most of the assignments given by teachers and instructors are required to be written or printed on this paper size. This size of paper is also made for writing. It is the best size when placed on a work desk or study desk, and there is no need to worry about folding areas and is difficult to reach. In addition, many authors and book writers used A4 paper to print from soft to hard copy. That’s why it’s very often used for writing activities.

  1. Best for drawing activities:

Apart from the above applications, the A4 paper is very suitable for both HVS type and opaque type drawing activities. In particular, HVS-type paper has a beautiful white appearance, so drawing work can be done more finely. The paper’s surface is smooth but not so slippery, so it is suitable for sticking to the drawing paper. The size is neither small nor large, so everyone prefers this type of paper to sketch. In this community, paper of all kinds is provided as a facility for doing work that must be written in hard copy. The most commonly used is A4 size paper with all its benefits.


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