Portable Ultrasound Machine-A new world for scanning

Portable Ultrasound Machine-A new world for scanning

Point of care ultrasound integration into the emergency care flow is not always simple, and these difficulties have increased during COVID-19. Usually, you have to find the ultrasound machine and cross your fingers so that it is not placed in an arbitrary area of the hospital. Then, you can only hope that the previous user cleaned and disconnected it, so it is fully charged and prepared for use. Ultimately, you have to roll the ultrasound machine to the patient’s bedside, which might feel like a maze of abandoned apparatus, bedsheets, and corridors filled with IV poles and other obstructions.

For this screening equipment, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought new difficulties and possibilities. Recent studies have indicated that while chest x-rays frequently come back negative, ultrasonography can be an effective method for identifying COVID-19 pneumonia symptoms. Bedside ultrasonography is a desirable alternative since chest x-rays and CT scans pose problems for infection management in suspected COVID-19 patients. But besides this, it takes a lot of time and effort to disinfect cart-based ultrasound equipment once exposed to a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case.

Only Need One Scanner:

It consists of two probes (integrating Phased Array, Convex, and Linear scanning modes), which may be used for many simultaneous purposes, including cardiac assessment.

Highly cost-effective; less expensive than purchasing three individual probes.

Wirelessly connected to a smartphone, computer, or tablet, it may be utilized in surgery without the need for fixed wires.

Small, light, portable, and simple to use, it is ideal for emergency medical, hospital ward examination, local diagnostic, and outdoor inspection. The portable ultrasound machine sanitation problem may be readily resolved by utilizing the disposable protective cover.

The wireless portable ultrasound machine can suit the demands of telemedicine due to the smart terminals’ strong communication capabilities.

Lifetime free software:

Waterproof construction makes sterilizing simple and easy.


A smart Tool:

  • It is convenient to carry or scan and put in a pocket due to its small size.
  • It seems like a stethoscope used by surgeons.
  • Even if it’s a heart scanner, just one tool scans the entire body.
  • Anywhere wireless charging.

Best option to use in Covid-19:

Due to its mobility and small size, it is perfect for Point of care.

Because it is so simple to clean and sanitize, it is perfect for COVID pandemic usage.

What It Does?

Making ultrasound more straightforward and more effective to use, we compress the central unit into a tiny circuit board built into this portable machine, making it lightweight and small, and displaying the picture on the app installed on the mobile phone through Wifi (just internal wifi of the portable ultrasound machine) or USB transfer.

An entirely new level of medical confidence:

For various clinical uses, a portable ultrasound machine offers outstanding imaging quality and resilience. An innovative imaging system considerably improves depth, clarity, and detail.

The device shows free-breathing and exemplary flow with far less clutter.

Ultra-Wide View provides a broader field of view without compromising on image quality or frame rate.

Bottom Line:

A small, lightweight, portable ultrasound machine makes work easy for doctors and medical students by serving just like a stethoscope that scans the whole body. It gives a whole new clinical experience and is available at a reasonable cost.


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