Best VR Games for Android in 2021

Virtual reality has been around for decades. However, it has become an integral part of video gaming in the last few years, which is thriving. VR handsets are becoming more affordable and less reliant on external hardware. 

The developers of VR video games are doing their best to create first-party games. These games tend to take full advantage of the VR medium. There are many choices to choose from when it comes to VR video games. 

Below are some best VR video games for Android.

VR Tank Training

VR Tank Training is a game that has a graphical technique that resembles a battlefield. It gives you the experience of having to command a cannon on wheels.The game’s main idea is to destroy as many targets as possible as you maneuver your tank to the next level. It also offers an in-game platform enabling the players to compete against each other for the top spot.

Refugio 3D Space Station

This Android smartphone VR game will offer you a spectacular view of the planet Refugio at a viewpoint station in deep space. It is analogous to playing at a virtual table only if you choose the best online Indian casino

While participating in the games, players can explore their surroundings. Similarly, Refugio 3D Space Station enables the players to explore the interior of the space station. 

All this happens as you orbit the planet Refugio. The glass floors will offer you the full view as the sci-fi soundtrack plays in the background.


Sisters is a first-person VR game with a story that will send you into a haunted house in the evening. The house is quite crackly, and the storm is approaching. You are all alone in the room, and there are creepy-looking dolls next to the fireplace. 

The feeling gets more intense as you will hear more echoes and sinister sounds in the hallway. Your interaction with different objects in the house will trigger numerous events. The game has a good sense of suspense.

A Chair In A Room

It is a horror VR game offering you an awkward experience. The game begins with you in a dark and dingy room. No explanations direct you on what to do or expect, where you are, and how you got there. Soon afterward, the lights begin to flicker and falter as you become terrified of your current situation. There is no interaction in the game, and you cannot see your opponents.

War of Words

War of Words is an animated poem called “The Kiss” that demonstrates the VR storytelling technique. The poem, The Kiss, was written before the Battle of the Somme. This is where the poets and writers fought more than any conflict in history. At the time, Saloon was away on a training course with the army. Michael Sheen narrates the game, and it was developed in partnership with BBC Arts.

Jurassic Land

Jurassic Land is a dino-themed VR game that has a lot of resemblance to Jurassic Park. The game has a safari-style narration where you have the opportunity to drive off-road in a jeep. 

As you drive, you get the chance to get up close with the dinosaurs and the Giganotosaurus, Triceratops, and the T-Rex. This VR game is best situated for kids as it gives them the natural feeling of being close to animals.

Cartoon Village

The Cartoon village is a cartoon-themed medieval settlement giving you enough freedom to investigate anything you feel like. The details of the game are quite detailed, offering you a rural feeling of living-in feeling. 

You have the advantage of changing the seasons of time in the game, and you can also change the time of day to see how the residents behave. It is one of the best VR Android games.


Incell is a multicolored action and racing VR game designed to take place in a unique micro-world. The setting recreates the anatomy of the human cell in detail, giving the game a different angle to it, that is, educational. The player rides along capillaries as they go deeper and deeper. The scaling of the game makes it a game worth your time with a rousing soundtrack.


This VR game will immerse and transport you into a different world. If you are an enthusiast of horror games, then 11:57 is a perfect demonstration and a 360-degree nightmare. You, as the player, are in the center of the game. 

Apart from just observation, the actions revolve around you as they draw you into the story while creating the most fantastic experience.Always check the compatibility information before you buy or download any VR games. The Android system does not support a few VR games. Therefore, make sure you pick a suitable game for your device. Something else to look out for is the game’s spatial requirement. For instance, some games may require you to move around your play area, and others will allow you to enjoy stationary gameplay.

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