Making of YouTube intro videos: 7 Key Things To Keep In Mind.

There are more than 300 hours of visual content uploaded on YouTube every minute, making it quite difficult for the users to stand out from the crowd. You must make YouTube videos that people love on the very first go. And for your video to be a huge hit, you must use an intro maker.

Now, you might be wondering what an intro maker is. For the uninitiated, you can use the best YouTube intro maker to make video introductions that appeal to the viewers and get them sticking to your content right until the end.

But even before delving into understanding the use of an intro-making tool, you must know what a YouTube intro video is.

Let’s have a look:

YouTube Intro Video: What is it?

A YouTube intro video is short footage playing right at the beginning of a video. It gives and shows viewers all the information related to a business and its offerings. The intro of your YouTube video will put your message across and will also show what you are looking to accomplish from the channel.

The intro video is crucial for your brand because it delivers the best first impression when visitors are landing on your channel. It also helps create an instant connection with the visitors encouraging them to keep coming back to watch more of your brand videos.

If you are successful in holding the viewers’ attention with your video intro, you have a good chance of showing them everything you are offering. That’s because they will be watching your entire video right till the end.

In this age of cutthroat competition in the YouTube marketing arena, your YouTube intro video might be the saving grace if you have plans of making headway with your business marketing plan.

Significance of YouTube Intro Video

By now, you might be clear about the significance of a good quality intro video. That’s fine! But you need to reiterate the advantages of using top-quality intro videos for ushering in both old and new visitors if you really want to stand out from the crowd.

There are reasons why you must consider your YouTube intro videos seriously. The reasons are as follows:

1. Brand Recognition

YouTube intros are the most effective tools for creating brand awareness and increasing a business’s ability to convert viewers into prospective buyers. That’s because intro videos give visitors upfront value while setting expectations and creating a craving for products and services advertised.

2. Professional Image

With top-quality YouTube intros, you can boost the professional standing of your business by adding a logo, business cards, awards, and everything that makes you stand out from the others. 

7 Important Things to Factor In When Making YouTube Intro Videos

So, how do you go about making a YouTube intro video that the viewers stick to? Remember, you have very little time to make the first good impression. Therefore, you must factor in a number of considerations. Look at them below:

1. Consider the Duration of the Intro

Always work on keeping intros sweet, short and crisp. Go by the experts, and they will tell you that intros within the 3 to 7 seconds mark are the ones that garner huge attention. You must make it a point to put across your message in this record time. Also, avoid wasting time while not rushing with the intro at the same time.

2. Get Directly to the Point

As has already been said, you do not have much time in hand. So, you cannot just play around with the intro video. Get to the point directly while being concise at the same time.

3. Customize the Video

You know YouTube is jam-packed with visual content, right? So, there’s hardly any chance for your video to even survive on the platform if it’s quite general. InVideo will help you make and edit YouTube intros like a pro.

You can use this youtube intro maker tool to enhance your chances of landing viewers to your channel; try branding your intro visuals with awards, logos, services, and products. You can add almost anything that helps you in standing out from the crowd.

4. Use Top Quality Visuals

Make sure your intro features premium quality videos and images. This is crucial because it creates a good impression in front of the viewers. The viewers consider you to be a professional company while portraying your business as one that is serious about its business.

5. Powerful Introduction

Again and again, you have very little time in hand, but that does not mean you must rush with the intro. Make sure the introduction of your video clearly resonates with what the viewers are expecting. This is the only way of keeping the viewers on your YouTube channel.

6. Make Sure Your Intro Sets an Expectation

You are making an introduction video mainly because you want the viewers to get an idea of your brand and the products and services. Therefore, you must make the intro so that it sets the right expectations in the viewers’ minds. 

You must always give the viewers something they can look forward to in the introduction of your brand video.

7. Make the Outro Memorable

The ending of your video is the outro, and you must make this part as memorable as you can. The closing should be created in such a way that the message lingers for a very long time in the minds of the viewers.


Remember, your YouTube intro video is the face of your brand put right in front of the viewers. So, instead of making it up through fake stationeries and items, try working on originality. Create a good quality YouTube intro video and attract more subscribers and viewers to your channel. You can also use the best intro-making tools for customizing the videos as per your preferences and requirements.


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