Now you are wondering that why I have written these words in a quite different way the reason behind it is the offline absence of the people. 

 In the genera of tech where it’s so easy to make lakhs or millions of friends on the social platform but the same people have no one to talk to  

This happens when we are social inactive with the surrender when we are unaware of the facts that we are living in this world where we have to work hard to achieve something buy likes on instagram Because we are total wane engage the fake fame world and don’t wane accept the real world  Where you just wane live like a famous person but you don’t want to work hard to catch that fame 

 Where just wane believes in the over the success which is not true that people who are the part of the overnight success also worked so hard to achieve that thing 

 So, there is an infinite example of these problems but the solution is one is – open your eyes accept the world, and focus on your goals. here I am sharing some tricks which help to be socially active with your neighbors. 



start a small talk with the person who is next to you in the office, college, or even in some event.  

here are some icebreakers that you can try on – 

  •    “What are some great shows or movies you’ve recently binge-watched?” 
  • “I’m watching this great cooking show on Netflix. What are your topmost favorite restaurants you would recommend?  

or start with your school journey, favorite dishes at the event. 



Be ready to take a bigger step toward putting yourself out, consider finding a hobby that is quite social, such as volunteering at a nonprofit or being a part of a common fest. This is a great way of giving back and being of service. 

Participating in activities you enjoy can help alleviate feelings of inadequacy when meeting new people, especially if you’ve just moved to a new community. 

Plus, you know of one thing you’ll have in common with others, whether that be a love of gardening, a soft spot for animals, or a passion for social justice just be engaging with the people so that you got a less to open your phone and wishing to live a life other but as doing all these things you are one step above to live a life you want is by socially engage with the people of your niche, and getting some confidence to talk to someone. 


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