WoW TBC Vs Classic

WoW Classic Vs Burning Crusade: Which is better?

After Blizzard released the WoW classic in 2004, gamers seemed to fall in love with the overall design and gameplay. For almost two decades gamers were stuck playing the WoW classic. And while many gamers still enjoy this classic game, some felt there had to be a new version. Finally, the developers came up with a WoW franchise in 2021 that features improved mechanics and a slightly different gaming experience to the original version. 

The original WoW classic had a few issues in its initial release which became more obvious in its re-release. The release of WoW Burning Classic left players feeling excited as they anticipated the new features with improvements on prior issues. And Blizzard didn’t disappoint the fans with the TBC new release. Most of the problems and bugs evident in the original version were rectified and the gameplay had a few twists.

Why TBC is better than WoW Classic

The release of The Burning Crusade is one every WoW fan anticipated for many years and finally, we can say it was worth the wait. There have been significant improvements to the original WoW which make the TBC a lot better and more exciting.

Here are some of the changes in Burning Crusade Classic (TBC).

Class Balance

The original World of Warcraft Classic possesses poor class balance, and some technicalities aren’t well designed. The viewing angles make it impossible for you to appear on the damage meter. Without a damage meter, you are unaware of the amount of damage done to your characters. You need to know when to heal or you become a liability to the rest of your party. Overall, the class balance in WoW classic is undeniably bad. For instance, a player may roll redistribution paladin but will be denied the chance to speak entirely. 

However, the Burning Crusade offers an improvement in this regard. The classes are well organized and more complete than the WoW classic. 

TBC items are now more valuable and useful than in the original version, making it possible for you to defeat enemies more easily. Weapons that were considered weak and useless are empowered to battle trash mobs at a fair level. Classes also get new spells, weapons, talent trees, viable options, and materials to journey on.

Heroic Dungeons

You get an interesting number of dungeons in classic games which are quite exciting to play. Journey along the Stratholme, Scholomance, and BlackRock Depths are quite intriguing and pretty easy to complete. The difficulty level barely makes any difference and with enough items and abilities, you will have little issues surviving the raid and enemies along the way. Rerunning the Dungeons makes barely any difference as you get little or no reward. With a little gear and spells, each dungeon feels like a walkover. 

Blizzard makes an adjustment here by adding 16 new heroic Dungeons that are more difficult to complete. The final bosses are also hard to beat opponents that you’d struggle to defeat. The trash mobs even pose a greater threat level than the bosses.

TBC dungeons such as The Arcatraz, Blood furnace, and shadow labyrinth are some of the hardest heroic in the game. You also get more decent rewards, different interesting designs, new tools, and an enhanced gameplay experience.

Improved Raids

The Burning Crusade raids are a lot harder to play than the WoW classic. TBC raids provide more complex patterns and harder levels. However, the difficulty level makes for more entertaining gameplay. Bosses in raids now possess improved mechanics that make them tougher opponents to battle which will serve as a stronger challenge for advanced players. 

In contrast to the classic raids, it’s hard to believe that Blizzard would ever create powerful bosses like the almighty Ragnaros. Players will get the thrill of striving to meet one boss as they progress and battle other enemies and parties. TBC dungeons already give you a taste of how difficult and at the same time, fun Burning Crusade Classic is. Many guilds will now get to experience various challenging obstacles before encountering the boss and final boss. Yes, in TBC raids and dungeons you’d have to defeat the initial boss to summon the final one. In most cases, you will need many TBC Classic gold to purchase gears and items powerful enough to claim victory over you enemies.

Increased Reputations

WoW classic drew the attention of gamers with the chance to farm out special rewards, WoW gold, and much more. You get cool items that empower your guilds only to an extent. However, when you consider the items you can farm, they add little or no unique effect to your character. Thanks to Blizzard and its new release, TBC provided a solution to this issue with the introduction of 16 new reputations and helpful rewards. As you rank in reputation, you unlock new pre-paid spells and gear available for purchase. If you do not have sufficient gold, you can buy TBC gold to purchase these items. TBC offers rewards that will help you in your journey along the karazhan.

Some of these rewards include; gear, tabards, and mounts. 

PvP System

Another part of the game players absolutely love is the player versus player combat. The lack of multiplayer in any arcade is usually a huge bummer for gamers. The PVP in Classic is fun and brilliant. You will have a blast playing against other opponents. TBC then introduces new arenas and a fair ranking system that gives players a reason to improve their skills and guilds. You get deserved rewards on kills and skills acquired as you climb up your ranks. 

Overall, the TBC surpasses the classic in many aspects. The various improvements show Blizzard listened to players’ reviews and made significant adjustments and development in The Burning Crusade Classic. Along with the improved mechanics, gamers can buy WoW TBC account to get started and enjoy the new gaming experience.

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