Create an Elegant Look with Luxury Skirting Boards UK 

Skirting boards are an essential part of every home. They are the strips of wood that run the perimeter of your floor, covering the joint between the wall and the floor. In the past, skirting boards were used just to provide protection for the walls, but now, they are designed to enhance the overall aesthetics of your room. Contemporary skirting boards UK are designed to complement modern décor and add a clean, crisp look to your home. In this blog post, we will explore how you can refresh any room in your house with contemporary skirtings boards.

  1. Choose the Right Style

The first step to refreshing any room with contemporary skirting boards is to choose the right style. There are many different styles of skirting boards available, from minimalistic to highly decorative. If you have a modern décor, then you should choose a minimalistic style that is sleek and straightforward. On the other hand, if you have a traditional or classic décor, then you should go with a more decorative style that has intricate detailing and a refined look.

  1. Consider the Height

The next thing to consider when choosing skirting boards is the height. The height of your skirting boards will depend on the style of your home. If you have a contemporary home, then you should go with a lower profile skirting board. This will give your room a modern, streamlined look. If you have a traditional home, then you should opt for a higher profile skirting board with more intricate detailing.

  1. Coordinate with Your Flooring

Another essential consideration when choosing skirting boards is the flooring. Your skirting boards should complement and coordinate with your flooring, creating a cohesive look throughout the room. For example, if you have hardwood or laminate flooring, then you should choose skirting boards that match the color and finish of your floor.

  1. Choose the Right Material

The material of your skirting boards is another crucial factor to consider. Contemporary skirting boards UK are often made from MDF (medium-density fiberboard) or primed softwood. MDF skirting boards are an affordable option that is easy to paint, while primed softwood skirting boards are perfect if you want a traditional look that can be painted or varnished.

  1. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Once you have chosen the perfect skirting boards for your room, it’s time to give them a fresh coat of paint. Painting your skirting boards is a quick and easy way to refresh any room in your house. You should opt for a high-quality paint that will provide a long-lasting finish. Choose a color that complements your walls and flooring, or a contrasting color that will make your skirting boards stand out.


Contemporary skirting boards UK are an easy way to refresh any room in your house. When choosing skirting boards, consider style, height, material, and coordination with your flooring. With the right skirting boards, you can create a sleek, modern look or a traditional, refined look, depending on the style of your home. A fresh coat of paint can give your skirting boards a new lease of life, transforming your room and creating a cohesive look that ties everything together. So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your home with contemporary skirting boards today!

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