What Happens to Your Chevrolet When You Skip Regular Service and Maintenance?

To make sure that your car has a long road life you must opt for a regular service and maintenance schedule. Your Chevrolet requires regular maintenance for safety, maximum performance as well as efficiency. According to the experts, you should take your car to a trusted Chevrolet car service center at least once a year or every 7,500 miles. You can also buy a wide range of Chevrolet spare parts from boodmo to ensure the high safety of your car. Apart from this, it’s not good at all to skip the regular service or maintenance of your car. Hence, below in this post, we are giving you a list of risks that come with avoiding routine Chevrolet car maintenance.

# Various types of Car Regular Maintenance

In general, various types of services include in the regular maintenance of a Chevrolet car are as follows:

  1.   Tire checks
  2.   Tire rotations
  3.   Oil changes
  4.   Fluid changes

# Risks involved in skipping Regular Service and Maintenance of Chevrolet

  1.   Clogged Vehicle Engine –

If you miss a service then it can result in a clogged vehicle engine. This can cause various damages to your vehicle engine as well as attributed to the gathered dust and sand. All these ultimately demand the replacement of the engine. So, it’s always good to go for regular service and maintenance. New Oil after servicing allows the engine to reduce the friction that is responsible for destroying the motor from inside out. From engine wear, the old oil mainly accumulates tiny bits of metal and dirt and creates extra wear on an engine. Hence, car servicing on a regular basis will confirm that your car engine is cleaned out and will also prevent the risks related to having a clogged engine.

  1.   Safety Risks –

Skipping a regular service of your Chevrolet can put your car at risk of having an accident. It can happen because of malfunctioning of car and lead to injury. There can be a safety risk for passengers, driver, and other vehicles on the road. Frequent servicing of your car allows you to keep a keen eye on vital fluids, lubricants, electronic, and mechanical functions. If you skip the regular servicing then you may be not aware of the driving unsafe car that may have tire pressure issues, frayed belts, and others. These can be serious issues and might be responsible for a serious car accident with property damages or personal injuries.

  1.   Increase in Vehicle Emissions –

Many times you may experience an increase in emissions from your car. This can be due to the increased wear and tear of some engine parts and the exhaust system. Vehicle emissions are not good for the environment and cause air pollution in the long run. But if you go for car servicing on regular basis then the exhaust system and engine of your Chevrolet car will function great with the least emissions. In addition to this, it’s also easy to purchase the Chevrolet spare parts from boodmo.com as per the needs of your car.

  1.   Poor Performance –

If you own a car then you will want it to perform well. But, if you will fail to schedule routine maintenance of your car then it will not perform well and will also lead to severe damage. For example, running the car over a pothole can make misalignment with the wheels. So, if you opt for a regular service, then it will ensure you get a more balanced as well as a smoother ride. When you take your car at Chevrolet Service Center, then they will keep track of your service history. This will help the mechanics to understand the condition of your car efficiently.

  1.   Wastage of Money –

Going for regular service saves your money in case of major repairs or replacements. The maintenance cost is less and your car remains in good condition. In case, you skip the regular maintenance, so if there will be major problems then your money will waste. Spending a few bucks on regular servicing of your Chevrolet car is good. In addition to this, a well-maintained and good condition car will improve mileage too which means your money will be saved.

# Final Words

Chevrolet cars are the most loved cars due to their strong built, extensive features, and excellent performance. Car owners can look and buy Chevrolet spare parts from boodmo according to their choice. They should also go for regular maintenance so that their car stays in good condition for a longer time period. You can get in touch with the Chevrolet service center for making an appointment and take your car there for servicing. Hence, hopefully, this post will help you to know the various risks involved when you skip the regular maintenance and service of your Chevrolet.





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