Betting on sports: a guide for beginners

Betting on sports: a guide for beginners

Nowadays, sports betting has filled a huge part of the infopole. Advertisements of bookmakers pop up before watching movies on almost every website.

Because of such an abundance of operators, it is difficult for beginners to make their first steps in the fascinating world of gambling. Moreover, it happens that a new BC user gets lost at the first bets, confused by the abundance of terms. How not to make a mistake with the choice of bookmaker’s office? What is the keff, express and line? What techniques will help to maximize the safety of invested money? Find answers to these and other questions in this article.

Online betting: basic terms

Before we move on to how and where to bet online, it is worth defining the basic concepts:

A bookmaker’s office is a betting operator. Some bookmakers also offer various gambling entertainment such as slot machines, card and table games.

  • Bet – money that an operator accepts from users as a guarantee of a bet.
  • Outcome – the result of a sporting or cyber sporting event.
  • Odds – the multiplier by which the bet will be increased.
  • Line – a set of events on which the bookmaker offers to bet.
  • With this minimum set, you can study sports betting further.

Restrictions on online sports betting

The activity of betting shops is under the supervision of regulatory authorities and is strictly regulated.

The main restrictions that apply to online sports betting:

Bookmakers are not allowed to accept bets from people under the age of majority.

People who are directly involved in the event or have the opportunity to influence the outcome are not allowed to participate in betting;

Users have the right to use only one account in one bookmaker’s office.

In case of suspected violations, the administration of the bookmaker’s office has the right to freeze the player’s account until clarification of all circumstances. Violation of the rules may result in blocking of the account, ban on registration of a new account and loss of funds loaded on the account.

What are the different types of sports betting

As a rule, bookmaker’s offices offer the following sports bets:

  • Single bet – a bet taken on a single outcome.
  • Express is a combination of several individual bets.The winning amount will be equal to the product of all the coefficients. In this case, if one bet in the chain will be chosen incorrectly, the entire amount bet will go to the bookmaker.
  • A system is a combination of several expresses of a certain size. For example, participants can make a system of 3 expresses of 2 bets on 3 different events.
  • The same applies to events from the world of cyber sports.

Sports betting: types of outcomes

As far as outcomes are concerned, sports betting ends up with the following options:

  • 1×2 is a bet on a win for one of the teams or a draw.
  • A team/player win or a draw is 1x (bet on a home team win or a draw), 12 (bet on a home team win or away team win), X2 (bet on an away team win or a draw).
  • Total is a bet on the total score of the game or the number of points scored in a particular period of the match. Totals are also divided into more and less.
  • Pass is a bet on a team’s advancement in the standings.
  • A handicap is a bet that one of the teams will get a certain advantage. There is a distinction between positive and negative odds.

Where to bet online?

The first question that all newcomers face is: where to start betting on games? Nowadays, many bookmakers lure new players by offering generous bonuses for registration, first deposit and start betting. However, you should not immediately rush to such offers. 

First, many promotions have a wager (wagering), that is, sometimes the benefit of such bonuses is illusory. Secondly, if a newcomer is going to be involved in betting for a long time, welcome bonuses should be at the very end of the list of arguments when choosing a bookmaker’s office.


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