OSRS Blast Furnace Guide

Everything you need to know about OSRS Blast Furnace.

The OSRS Blast Furnace Guide

The blast furnace is a fantastic members-only mini-game for smelting bars that takes place in Keldagrim. When it comes to making money in Runescape, there are several options. Quests, OSRS Gold for sale, monster hunts, and mini-games are all available. The Blast Furnace is one of these mini-games, and it may provide you with both cash and smithing experience.

Furthermore, the level requirement for this mini-game is rather low. The Blast Furnace is run by five dwarves who will allow you to utilize their furnace in exchange for a nominal fee.

OSRS Blast Furnace Requirements

If you want to participate in this unique mini-game, the first thing that is required of you is to complete the Giant Dwarf quest. This will grant you entry to Keldagrim, where the blast furnace may be found. And if you do not want to spend extra 2500 coins for about 10 minutes of smelting bars, you will be required to raise your smithing level up to 60. If you have the ring of Charos on and complete the chat with the Blast Furnace Foreman, you may lower the cost to 1250 OSRS coins.

When the bars are ready, use a pail of water or ice gloves to chill them down. In addition, if you are on the Blast Furnace themed planets, you will need to buy OSRS Gold because you will be charged an additional 72,000 gold every hour to utilize the furnace. You can either pay the blast furnace foreman directly or deposit the coins in the coffer.

How to play the game

It’s really rather simple to play this mini-game since it involves a lot of pointing, clicking, and running. Place ore on the conveyor line, run down and collect smelted bars, cool them down, and deposit the bars in your bank. Your smithing ability and the rate at which you can cool the bars will both play a role in the process.

To avoid paying an admission fee every 10 minutes, you must have a smithing skill of 60 or above. Smelting ore and going back and forth might take up the bulk of your time. You can save some inventory space if you have a coal bag that really carries coal. A stamina potion may help you get through a long run.

If your smithing level is below 60, you must pay the blast furnace foreman every 10 real-time minutes in order to continue utilizing the forge. If you’re selling completed bars, even at a little profit, you’re making 2,500 ounces of gold every ten minutes.

The bars will be very hot when they exit the smelter. Using ice gloves eliminates the need to soak your hands in water, which you may either bring with you or get at the forge. When the Ice Queen is defeated, she leaves behind a pair of gloves that enable you to just touch the hot bars and pick them up. This is a huge time-saver, as well as a space-saver.

Lastly, using the goldsmith gauntlets will let you get even more experience forging OSRS gold bars! Goldsmith gauntlets may improve your experience by 2.5 times when using the blast furnace, which gives you between 320 and 240K each hour. The Family Crest Quest rewards you with these, and all you need are steel gauntlets from the Al Kharid Mine and a level of 40 to get your hands on one.

Making money with the mini-game

In-game money may be made using the Blast Furnace, which is a highly good investment. Depending on what you’re smelting, you may be able to generate OSRS gold in this area. At level 15, you can create 6000 bars each hour, making a profit of 431,133 OSRS GP. Mithril bars almost double this, while steel bars come in just shy of 1 million OSRS GP after melting down the former. Runite and adamantite bars are the best bets if you’re looking to make more than a million gold. In addition, these bars will provide you with 101,250 and 107,500 XP every hour.

Ordan, the ore vendor, is the place to go if you need to purchase ore. Keldagrim is home to a slew of retail establishments, including this one. Head downwards in the blast furnace factory if you’ve been unable to locate it. If you’re looking for it, it’s on the east side of Keldagrim.

Since the Blast Furnace is run by five dwarves, this will give you the chance of utilizing their furnace and in return for a nominal fee. You may use the ore in the shop to practice your smithing skills. In order to keep the shop stocked, dwarves will come in and provide a certain sort of ore on a regular basis. Rather than a single one of each, they are provided in the bulk of a certain sort. Once they reach 100, the extra is put away.


Now you know how to play the OSRS mini-game Blast Furnace. Making certain that you have the proper gear, which includes OSRS items for sale, which can greatly improve your experience. This is considered to be one of these amazing mini-games, as it gives players the opportunity to earn cash, and at the same time gain smithing experience. It’s a nice way to earn a lot of money if you want, ranging from Quest, monster hunts, QSRS Gold for sale, and various other mini-games are available, as it has a pretty low-level requirement. No matter why you’re searching for the furnace, you now have the information you need to get the most out of it.

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