Top Data Science Courses For Computer Engineering Students

Data is a new oil in the current industry. The potential of data science is huge in the future. Data science has given a huge and bright career option for data scientists and they are highly paid all over the globe. Data science is creating demand in every field such as Finance, IT, Healthcare, Telecommunication, cyber security and many more. For computer science engineering students, a Master Degree or Post-Graduation in data science will be a big step towards their career. The computer science engineering courses will help you to easily tune your skills and knowledge. 

What is a data science course? 

A general question that arises when you her the term data science is, what is a data science course and the scope of it in the near future. Data science is a study of patterns and hidden insights from raw data which will be used in the formation of big business decisions. You will learn to import and clean data sets, analyzation and visualization of data, make predictions and draw conclusions from the unstructured or raw data sets. The courses will introduce you to concepts of data science tools such as R, Python, MySQL, Tableau, Power BI, data algorithms, machine learning tools. There are various certification programs, diploma courses, Post- Graduation programs in data science. 

Why a Data Science course?

Data science is booming all over the globe. As per the expert report, around 1 Lac data scientist jobs were vacant in 2018 due to the shortage of skilled data scientists in India. It is said that the demand for data scientists is increasing 29% year-on-year which implies data science is one of the in-demand professions. The mid-level data scientist can earn on average 19 lakhs per annum, which is considerably high in the engineering and IT segments. Students from computer science engineering can easily choose post-graduation courses in data science instead of an MBA or any other course. 

There are various modules and various specialization courses are available online in the data science field. There are various online platforms which are offering various Diploma courses, certification courses and PG certifications and Master degrees with the affliction of top companies such as IBM, Amazon, Google. You can opt for online courses from any reputed educational institutes from any part of India and the globe by sitting at your home. These platforms also offer courses for working professionals on weekends, flexible timing, which will help them to upskill their skillset without disturbing their work-life. 

Course Details: 

Diploma courses in Data Science: 

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science – IIIT-B and Upgrade, MAHE Manipal
  • PG Diploma in Data Science and AI – IIIT Delhi
  • PG Diploma in Data Science And Analytics – NIELIT Chennai

Masters in Data Science:

  • MBA in Data Science and Analytics – SCIT Pune, KJ Somaiya Institute of Management, Mumbai
  • MTech Data Science -PES University, IIT – Hyderabad, Guwahati, BITS Pilani. 
  • MS Data Science from IIIT-B

Professional Certificates in Data Science: 

  • Professional Certificate for Business Decision Making from IIM-Kozhikode
  • Advance Programme in Data Science from IIIT-B
  • Executive PG Programme in data science from IIIT-B
  • Advanced Certificate Programme in Data Science from IIIT-B

Some of the popular online platforms: 

  • Upgrade
  • Coursera
  • AWS
  • SAS Academy
  • RICEx
  • Great Learning
  • Simplilearn 

Specializations in Data Science: 

  • Data Science and Machine Learning.
  • Data Science and Analytics.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.
  • Data Science Certifications.

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