The Best Sports Video Games With Simple Gameplay

People have loved playing sports video games for a variety of reasons since the genre first became popular in the early 1990s. While some people enjoy the challenge of trying to achieve the best results, others simply enjoy spending time with friends and family members while playing their favorite sports game.

If you love playing sports video games, but do not have a lot of experience with them, here are some of the best games with simple gameplay.


This video game is all about football and it lets you play as your favorite NFL team. You can play against other teams in the league and try to win the Super Bowl. The game also has a create-a-player mode so you can create your own player and play with them. Sure, this is one of the older NFL video games and it does not have the graphics like the new games from the Madden series. But, it does have a simple gameplay and it is wonderful to play. If you love American football and you love searching for the vegas nfl odds, then this is definitely the game for you. When there are no games to watch or nfl lines to research, this game can provide you with the necessary dose of NFL for the day.

NBA 2K11

The NBA 2K11 video game is a basketball simulation game that was published in October 2010.

The updated graphics and animations give the game a wonderful and realistic feel. Players will feel like they are really on the court, playing against some of the best basketball players in the world. Overall, NBA 2K11 is a great basketball simulation game that will give you a wonderful gaming experience. The gameplay is simple and that means you will find your feet even if you did not play basketball video games in the past.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004

The Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 video game is a golf simulation game that was published in 2003. The game was designed by EA Sports and published by Electronic Arts. It is the third installment in the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series.

The game features several different modes, including career mode, tournament mode, and online play. In career mode, players create their own golfer and compete in a series of tournaments in order to improve their ranking. Tournament mode allows players to compete in a single tournament against other golfers. Online play allows players to compete against other players on the internet.

Those are some of the best sports video games with simple gameplay you should play.

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