How to Download a GST Certificate using GST Number

GST is known as Goods and Services tax which is levied on the supply of Goods and Services under the Goods and Services Tax Act which was passed in the parliament on 29th March 2017. GST Registration Certificate is a valid document which is considered as the proof for registering under GST in India.

What is a GST Registration Certificate and its Use?

As per the GST Act, every taxpayer who is registered under GST is issued a GST Registration Certificate in the form of GST REG-06, in that certificate there is a GSTIN Number (Goods and Service Tax Identification Number) which is unique for each and every taxpayer and is allotted by the central government. 

Business entities in India whose turnover exceeds 20 lakhs in case of service providers and 40 lakhs in case of goods suppliers must pay tax amount; GST advantage of higher threshold has helped many small traders/service providers. GST Registration can be easily done through the GST portal ( and there is no time limit for the expiry of the certificate and the same can be downloaded from the GST portal. 

The purpose of registering business under GST Law is to collect tax from business entities on behalf of the government and to avail input tax credit for taxes on his inward supplies. The registration certificate for a casual taxpayer is valid for ninety days and the certificate. It is mandatory for the taxpayer to display the GSTIN Number and certificate in name boards and business premises.

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Format of a GST Registration Certificate

Contents of the main certificate is as follows ;

  • It contains the GSTIN of the taxpayer
  • Trade Name and Legal Name of the business
  • Type of Business (partnership, sole proprietorship etc)
  • Address of the principal place of the business
  • Date of Liability
  • Period of validity
  • Type of registration
  • Particulars of the approving authority

The Annexure A contains the list of Additional places of business, if mentioned at the time of GST Registration

The Annexure B contains the list of persons in charge of the taxpayer

How to Download GST Registration Certificate

Step 1: visit GST portal and login

Step 2: Go to Services – user services – view/download certificate

Step 3: click on the option download

Step 4: open the downloaded pdf document and take a printout of the same.

5 Advantages of GST Registration Certificate

The Main benefits of the GST Certificate are as follows

  • The GSTIN Number helps the business in increasing the Brand Value of the Business
  • All the Goods can be sold online.
  • Current Bank account can be opened with GSTIN Number
  • Sale of Goods can be done across the country
  • Big Projects can be accepted from the Multinational Corporations


The GST Registration Certificate is proved to be a valuable asset to the entity as it is considered as the legal entity registration. Thus, the Registration certificate has added value to the companies in overall India.

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