Homemade body scrub

The body scrub is a great exfoliator for your skin and when it comes to choosing one for you there are so many options out there to choose from it, basically depends on the nature of your skin and the climate in which you are living.  

scrubs are great to reveal the natural glow of your skin. Some of the body scrubs are so easy that you just have to throw all the ingredients in a jar and mix all of them to get a leather constancy.   

 To get the best from body scrubs just use them in the limited interval [once a week] and follow them with a moisturizer, these scrubs are best as long as you are not using them on your face [ these body scrubs are made up of some gritty ingredients like sugar, salt, and coffee as they leave your skin some big pores]. Homemade body scrubs are great for removing and taking off your dead skin and dirt from your legs, arms, and back, leaving it soft and beautiful. Down to give a try? go ahead, because down there, these body scrub helps to fight with your dark patches, dull texture, and so on. 



Cucumber you heard it right cucumber is used as a cooling agent which helps to soothe your body from the hot summer breeze and a haptic day in an office and so on. As you collect some basic knowledge about the cucumber scrub, so let begin the procedure of how to make a soothing cucumber body scrub- 

   Ingredients we need-  

  • Half a cup of pureed cucumber which is about half a cucumber  
  • Three cups of imperial sugar extra fine granulated sugar 
  • Calf a cup of grapeseed oil  


  1. Cut a cucumber into small pieces and throw this in the blender, blend the cucumber until it converts into a smooth paste. [ make sure to keep the skin of cucumber which give our scrub a pretty green color]  
  1. Add the mixture in the three cups of granulated sugar and mix with the grapeseed oil, for a liquid scrub you may blend the mixture until it reaches the consistency you want.  
  1. And here you go your scrub is ready you can store it in any glass jar [for increasing its shelf life] you want and store our high-end spa scrub in the refrigerator. You can also gift this to your family, friends, or anyone you want.  


You can preserve the scrub in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. 


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