Career Growth After Pursuing Masters in Data Science

 Career Growth After Pursuing Masters in Data Science

Growing demand in data science skills and availability of data science has given a push to data-driven decision-making. The course shot into popularity with the paradigm shift in consumer behavior and business operations resulting from ongoing pandemics. Today, navigational tools like data science and analytics are predominantly used across diverse industries and functions. 

Since Data Science is touted as a job skill that everyone must possess, the master’s in data science course became sought-after popularity. This course has multiple benefits for discerning candidates. Some of them are-

Opportunities with Data Science

Every field needs a set of skills to gain command and build a glorious career. Data Science is also one of the fields where a powerful career can be built. Here are the opportunities that can be enjoyed after completing this course. 

Lucrative Salary

As per data, data scientists command the median starting salary of approximately $95,000. This figure is almost double the average U.S. Median Salary. Even the average salary at an entry-level role is way higher than the U.S. Median Salary. It speaks volumes about the lucrative salary commanded by data analysts. Other factors that have boosted this salary are company size, education, and sector. Salary is one of the major factors that attract youngsters to pursue this course. 

Simple Solutions to Complicated Problems 

Data Science helps solve real-world, complicated problems. The role of a data scientist is to find insights and answers by processing and analyzing a huge volume of raw data. Some of the problems that can be solved by putting Data Science skills to use are-

  • Identifying features that help in discerning a target audience segment. 
  • Looking for ways to help increase sales. 
  • Identifying potential opportunities in contrasting data sets.  
  • Creating infrastructure that helps in centralizing all the data. 
  • Identification of unrecognized issues in business operations.

Reduced Job Automation 

Data scientists also undergo machine learning certification that helps in reducing job automation. The risk of automation is reduced using specialized tools. Here are a few reasons why job automation reduces. 

  • Data Science demand growth at an average rate of 50 percent.
  • Sophisticated analyses are produced.
  • Data scientists do most automation.

Using High-end Data Science Skills

Data Science skills can be used in two ways that can help grow data-centric careers. After pursuing Masters in Data Science course, the incumbent gets a job as a data science professional. This course opens avenues like data scientist, database developer, data analyst, etc. This course helps them transition into an analytics-enabled role, like a data-driven manager of a functional business analyst. These career paths demand knowledge, qualifications, and functional skills in programming, data analytics, data mining, data management, and data visualization. 


In this age of cut-throat competition, when youngsters face many challenges when looking for a suitable job, courses like machine learning certification and data science courses have opened up several avenues for them. These are some of the best options available to help discerning candidates enjoy a glowing career. 

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