11 Free Video Editors from Basic to Advanced

Gone are the days when free video editing tools were good for nothing. The free online video editors of the present times have advanced features like auto image stabilization, color correction, and 3D rendering- all available for free.

And if this sounds too good to be true, wait- the free video editing tools online also help users master the basics like creating transitions and adding text overlays or soundtrack. Of course, there are a few compromises you will have to make, but the features available with the free versions are more than enough for creating the best videos.

When it comes to choosing the right video editing tool, there really isn’t one size that fits all. Let’s have a look at the 13 most basic and advanced level editors you must have your hands on this 2022:

1. InVideo

InVideo is one super-intuitive and highly useful online video editor you can use for creating business presentations, music videos, YouTube intros, and just about anything visually appealing.

This is one tool that will help you create top-quality videos within minutes. You do not need to have polished editing skills to use the tool. Even if you do not have any editing experience, you can move on with using InVideo to create stunning videos.

2. Lightworks

This advanced-level video editing tool makes way for non-linear, multi-track editing with its plethora of features. It enables users to go for blurs, color corrections, masks, and mattes to make their videos more appealing.

It even comes with more than 100 built-in effects presets while giving users the option of sharing bins, edits, and media in real-time with complete control on access. 

3. Blender

Primarily a 3D animation suite, this online video editing tool is good at video splicing, masking, and cutting. It enables live previews while also offering chroma vectorscope and luma waveform along with good quality histogram displays.

The tool facilitates waveform visualization and audio mixing while also supporting other audio editing attributes like scrubbing and syncing.

4. HitFilm Express

Yet another free and basic video editor, HitFilm Express, comes with more than 400 exclusive presets and effects.

The main features of this video editor include editing with motion tracking, unlimited audio and video timeline creation; auto-stabilizer; attribute grouping; composite shot enhancements for animating separate clips together, and a huge selection of transitions.

5. Adobe Premiere Pro

Both professionals and beginners use this video editing tool that helps with footage categorization and video stabilization. It helps the users save a huge amount of time while focusing on other important things like storytelling.

The integrated workflows of this tool help users in jazzing up their final video and polishing up their work without leaving the timeline.

6. DaVinci Resolve

This advanced-level online video editing tool is best for visual effects, audio post-production, color correction, and motion graphics. You can use its drag and drop option for building storage and for moving shots anywhere quickly.

This high-performance editing tool helps users save time in trimming and editing their videos. Additional features of the tool include in-built tools for stabilization, facial recognition, retiming and dynamic zoom.

7. Shotcut

This free, open-source, and cross-platform online editor makes way for top-quality editing. With Shotcut, you get 4K resolution support, super-intuitive user interface, drag and drop assets, and multi-format timelines.

The tool also comes with video wipe transitions along with a wonderful color wheel, making way for professional-quality color correction. It works best for social media marketers, content creators, and entrepreneurs with varied experience levels.


The best thing about VSDC is that it comes with a complete range of tools for video editing’ audio improvisation, voiceover recording, and desktop screen capturing. With VSDC, users can easily sync different video effects and work with audio waveforms while applying masks simultaneously.

9. OpenShot

This cross-platform online video editing tool comes with an easy-to-use interface and is best suited for beginners. With OpenShot, you get the flexibility of adding as many layers as you require for background videos, watermarks, and audio tracks.

Slide, fade, animate and bounce anything in your videos. You can even remove background from the video; adjust the brightness; invert colors and do more than you might have ever thought.

10. VideoPad

This is an easy-to-use and simple video editing tool for beginners. This editor’s drag and drop feature is something you cannot miss out on, along with more than 50 visual effects. It will help you create text and title animations, apply different audio effects, and use the chroma key for green screen production.

The tool also offers several transitions like fade, crossfade, zoom, and dissolve.

11. MovieMaker 10

This is one online video editing tool that will give you the skills and the knowledge needed for making movies from different video shots, music, and images. It comes with the most basic functionalities like adding text captions and background music and video joining.

With MovieMaker 10, you also get various advanced editing options like transition effects, pan-tilt-zoom effects, and image filters.

The Bottom Line

In this age of over-exposure and over-communication, it has become necessary for businesses to up their video marketing game. If done right, video editing and powerful video making can serve as one of the most powerful languages for invoking reaction and inspiring specific behavior in target audiences.


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